Canadian Association of Parson Russell Terrier Fanciers

This use to be the official home of the Canadian Association of Parson Russell Terrier Fanciers during which information was posted about various show, gave a history of the club and its doings, offered a fascinating history of the breed and breed standars, provided timely information about how a dog can qualify for ROMC status, etc. Much of the information visitors could find on this site is now available on the NEW official site: - Home of the CKC National Breed Club for the Parson Russell Terrier.

I grew up with Russell Terriers and just love the little guys. I am not a breeder and my pals have never competed in any shows. It's a good thing I work for a wholesaler of paper towels & dispensers. As employees we get great discounts on all their products. Consequently I have a paper towel dispenser in my kitchen, outside in the barn, and downstairs in the basement. The towels and dispensers were particularly handy for cleaning up doggy messes, the hair ball vomits from my two cats, and doing quick clean ups on shelves and mirror edges from the three parakeets I allow to fly free for a couple of hours each day when all the four footed animals are out of the house. For those who have birds that fly free in the house, you know they leave their "calling cards" indiscriminately everywhere. Many of the paper towels and other paper products they sell sold eco friendly green versions which I really appreciate. Sorry for that digression. I just want to state that I am a fan of Parson Russell terriers and came across this website a while ago when it was still live. After the new website for CKC National Breed Club was developed, this site's domain registration was left to expire.

Recently I discovered that the domain for was available, so I bought it with the goal of recreating some of its content from archived pages and to point visitors to their new site: I definitely didn't want someone else purchasing the domain and re-purposing it for something that had nothing in common with the original website.

I have not included all the archived pages that were available since their information can be found on the new site. What I have included here, is just a snapshot of the site in 2010.

Since the site will not be exactly as you remember it, please be indulgent.
Now let's take a nostalgic stroll back to 2010.


Welcome to the official home of the
Canadian Association of Parson Russell Terrier Fanciers

Welcome to the
Canadian Association of Parson Russell Terrier Fanciers
Association canadienne des Amateurs de Parson Russell Terrier
Home of the CKC National Breed Club for the Parson Russell Terrier

Feel free to browse our website and ask any questions you may have.

New members are always welcome, feel free to fill out our membership form.

2014 National Specialty Show

August 30, 2014, Exhibition Park, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Regular and Non-Regular Classes

Lee Steeves of RegalRidge Kennels

(Top breeder of Airedales, Welsh Terriers and Norfolk Terriers)

Sweeps (Veterans and Puppy)

Tina Sanford of Kreuzritter Kennels

(Top breeder of Manchester Terriers and Lakeland Terriers)



in Conjunction with 3 All Breed Shows with the Halifax Kennel Club

August 30th, 31st and September 1st


1 All Terrier Specialty Show hosted by

the Atlantic Terrier Association

August 29th

5 sets of points available in 4 days!!!

Registering for shows in Canada

If you are living elsewhere and would like to take part in Canadian Kennel Club Events, you must have your dogs micro-chipped with a ISO Microchip recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club (Avid chips are not accepted) or Tattooed.

You will be required to submit copies of your Kennel Club registration forms and a copy of a minimum 3 generation pedigree certified by your kennel club.

.keep in mind the breed is Miscellaneous and Non-Member fees are more.  Just a suggestion, if registering more than 1 dog, it is cheaper to become a member of the Canadian Kennel Club first.

You can visit the Canadian Kennel Club website for more information.



Club History


In The Beginning

In 1999 Cheryl Edwards of Bowery Kennels and Margaret Johnson of Elysianfield Kennels met at a show in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  It was here that both women discussed the need of a National breed club in Canada for the Parson Russell Terrier.  Thus the birth of the Association of Parson Russell Terrier Fanciers began.

They began to contact owners and breeders across Canada who thought would have the same vision of the breed finally becoming a recognized breed with the Canadian Kennel Club.  They modeled the club after other existing CKC breed clubs, and the following were composed of the first executive.

  • President – Dr. Tom Edwards (Ontario)
  • Vice President – Sylvie Verdon (Quebec)
  • Secretary – Ron Johnson (Ontario)
  • Treasurer – Susan Crawford (Ontario)
  • Public Relations – Cheryl Edwards (Ontario)
  • Newsletter – Margaret Johnson (Ontario)
  • Membership Secretary – Lorraine Gemmiti
  • Directors –  Atlantic Canada – Bev Embley
    •  British Columbia – Gail Davies
    •   Ontario – Norm Tuckey
    •   Prairies - Tina Stone

Since the Canadian Kennel Club does not currently register the Parson Russell Terrier except in the Miscellaneous group, the APRTF have an agreement with the CKC and the American Kennel Club to register litters produced from two AKC registered animals born in Canada.  This works out fine for breeders in Canada, but someday we hope to be registered with our own club the CKC.

In 2003, a referendum vote was held by the membership of the Canadian Kennel Club.  The results were to accept the Parson Russell Terrier for full registration in Canada. But, as of now, the breed is still the review of Agriculture Canada.  We will remain on the list of miscellaneous breeds until we are approved by Agriculture Canada.  The Canadian Kennel Club then moved to change the bylaws to allow the breed to show in CKC approved events as of September 1, 2006.

2006 to Now 

As of September 1, 2006, the Parson Russell Terrier has been allowed to take part in all Canadian Kennel Club official events.  Even though we as a breed is still in the Miscellaneous Group, we take part in Group 4 (Terriers) at all CKC events.  The first female to earn points toward a Canadian Championship was Am/Can Ch. Rednock Honey Bunch owned by David and Susan Crawford (Foxbend Kennels) and bred by Christiane Lindenburg-Beste. 

The first male Parson Russell to win a championship in Canada was Am/Can. Ch. Shea’s Full House, aka “Chip” owned by Kyle and Gail Caudle (Caudlewood Kennels).  Not as exciting, but myself Addison White and Ron Dunn had the privilege of being the first exhibit of a Parson Russell Terrier in any ring in Canada with Trumphill My Name Is Zoey.  Even though “Zoey” did not complete her Championship, she is the #1 Queen in our house.

Am/Can. Ch. Dobella's Quidam was the first Parson Russell Terrier to place in Group 4 in Canada and the first Parson to win Championship points at a CKC show.  "Quidam" is bred and owned by Claude Paquette of Quebec. Another first occurred on May 5, 2007 when Am/Can. Ch. Deldare Pulp Fiction won the first ever Group 1st win in Canada at the Moncton Kennel Club All Breed Dog Show held in Moncton, New Brunswick.  “Pappy” again owned by David and Susan Crawford and is bred by Gary Koeppel and Brenda Koeppel.  We all now wait with baited breath to have a Parson Russell Terrier win that elusive Best in Show.  We are however, looking forward to our first National Specialty Show, to be held in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 2010, pending approval.


2010 Ranking as of December 2010


Ranking                         Dog’s Name                   Points  

1 Am/Can.Ch. Zealous Brodie Daybreak                   366 

2 Am/Can Ch Laurel Oak Bella Gloria Septiemeciel  225   

3 Am/Can Ch. Foxbend Colour Me More                   107

4 AM./Can. Ch. Dobaella’s Ovo                                28

5 Am./Can. Ch. Thunderhill Soul Survivor                 22  

6 Ch Landywood Yes Milord                                       19 

7 Ch. Trumphill Cider With Rosie                               14

8 Ch. Dobaella’s Lady Meme of Minot                       13

9 CFC Ch./U-Ch./Am. Ch. Richex Shadytown Frederick  9

10 Am./Can. Ch. Brackenhill Sparks A Flyin                 8  


In The Beginning  Edited W. Addison White, Scotiafox Kennels with Special thanks to Margaret JohnsonElysianfield Registered Kennels

2006 to Now  By W. Addison White, Scotiafox Kennels

Top Dog Stats Compiled By Gail Caudle, Caudlewood Registered Kennels 


2012 National Results


Canadian Association of Parson Russell Terrier Fanciers
Sunday, June 24, 2012 - Trois-Rivieres, Quebec

Judge Martin Doherty


Best of Breed - BIS MBISS Am/Can. Ch Foxbend Call My Agent - Breeder/Owner David and Susan Crawford

BOS - Am/Can. Ch. Foxbend Linked To Fame - Breeder/Owner David and Susan Crawford

Best Puppy In Specialty and Winners Bitch - Caudlewood Ears To You - Breeder Owner - Kyle and Gail Caudle

RWB - SeptemeCiel Tia Maria - Breeder/Owner - Sylvie Gauthier



Judge Maria Sacco

Females 6-9(2)

Best In Juvenile Sweepstakes

SeptemeCiel Tia Maria - Breeder/Owner - Sylvie Gauthier


Best Puppy In Specialty and Winners Bitch - Caudlewood Ears To You - Breeder Owner - Kyle and Gail Caudle

September 4th, 2010 Halifax Nova Scotia

Judge Sally Yancey 

BISS - BISS Am../Can. Ch. Foxbend Colour Me More - Breeder/Owner - David and Susan Crawford Sire: Am. Ch. Thunderhill Soul Journey Dam: Am/Can. Ch. Rednock Honey Bunch - Handler Dana Bryson

 BOS - Am. Can. Ch. Zealous Brodie Daybreak - Breeder Bev Embley Owner - Doreen and David Page Sire: Ch. Bowery Law Breaker CDX Dam: Zealous Daisy Mae - Handler - Barb Orr

WB - Brackenhill Dreamcatcher - Breeder/Owner Anne Hodson Sire: Am/Can. Ch. Brackenhill Sparks A Flyin' Dam: Brackenhill Lady In Red. 

RWB - Trumphill Cider With Rosie - Breeder/Owner Hazel Parker. Sire: Barsetta Bobby Dazzler Dam: Ch. Barsetta Dot Com - Handler Laurenda Parks 

Best Puppy - Ch. Dobella's Lady Meme of Minot - Breeder - Claude Paquette Owner - Ann Savoy Handler - Tina Sanford 

This was a small show but with Excellent Competition! The current top 3 Parsons in Canada were competing. 

Sweeps - Judge Amanda Kelly 
Best Puppy In Sweeps 
Am./Can. Ch. Laural Oak Bella Gloria Septiemeciel - Breeder: D. Dahlberg, K. Dahlberg, R. Cuffari - Owner Sylvie Gauthier - Sire : Am. Ch. Edison's TNT Aftershock Dam: Bayshore's It's All About Her. 

Best Veteran Sweeps 
Ch. Stonelane Tally Oh Dot Com, RN, CGN Breeder - Tina Stone Owner- Jackie McGowan Sire: Am. Ch. Stonelane Warden Hill Dam: Snow Wind's Karsha of Kismet